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13, 16, 20 in-line squarer, bundler, strapper

Compact design.
High availability.


Higher productivity


10% more throughput


30% less floor space


Faster set up time


Easy to set up and use

Extensively proven worldwide, with more than 2000 successful machine placements, the Signode ISB is universally acknowledged as the ‘industry standard’ bundle/squaring/strapping machine, both in terms of performance and reliability.

Now, the new ISB-3G offers casemakers even greater production efficiency combined with the reliable, high-speed, low-maintenance operation, for which ISB is renowned.
The ISB-3G automatically squares and straps up to 32 bundles per minute, strapping in the flute direction. Now featuring even simpler construction and more durable parts, the ISB-3G offers outstanding reliability, providing customers with unequalled levels of productivity.

5 reasons why the ISB-3G is the industry standard bundler squarer of its generation

Less wear, service and energy needs

Just six motors control all operating functions, while competitors machines use up to 19 drive motors.

Smaller bundle sizes (Option)
ISB can handle bundles sizes of just 150 mm. Compare that to competitor machines.
Reduced set up time
Single or double pusher has easy automatic format change without removing / replacing the pusher.
ISB-3G table tops fitted with exit belts (Option)
For the smoothest, safest and fast bundle transport.
Easy to use HMI system
Provides complete process control and simplified set-up and service needs display.

Industry standard performance and reliability

for higher productivity and lower ownership cost

HMI control

Accurate real time control set and operational control, plus simplified servicing through self diagnostics.

Modular design

A unique concept with stack widths from 150 mm to 2000 mm, plus a full range of options allows you to choose the perfect system for your requirements.

Automatic coil splicing

Strap is automatically spliced from a second dispenser to provide up to 20,000m of strap for continuous production with zero downtime.

Strapping simplicity

Machine uses economical narrow polypropylene strap with maximum efficiency, producing flat tight bundles that can be readily palletised.

5 more reasons why the
ISB-3G is the industry standard bundler squarer of its generation

Integral service programme

Signals maintenance requirements and provides system self-diagnostics

Reliable mechanical strapping head

Extensively proven simple to operate and easy to maintain

Space saving - fits almost anywhere
With a footprint of just 7 m² the ISB-3G uses 30% less floor space than competitor machines
Non-compliant bundle ejection table (Option)

SIGSorter automatically removes identified defective bundles, significantly aiding zero defect product delivery

Auto strap coil change (auto splice) (Option)

Enables strap coils to be changed automatically, providing continuous production with no down time

The third generation ISB-3G combines rationalised construction with even more durable wear parts for reduced total cost of ownership.



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